Friday, January 08, 2010

No parking.

I'm feeling quite sorry for myself today. I think I am also feeling my age, not that almost 53 is aged, but, I am having to come to terms with not being 25, 35, or even 45 any more or ever again. Damn it.

I am considering downsizing my bunny herd, especially after my recent fall, which was not my first down those steps. Then there were the nine staples in my head from an ill-conceived bunny chase, back in '04.

I haven't been in my studio since October, although every morning, I get up and tell myself, let's go card some angora!

It got up to 16º outside today, which I can cope with, but the wind has been bad and it always just sucks the warmth out of the house. (Should I just be happy not to have to bring in firewood and tend two wood stoves everyday? For not having to do that, I am pleased. Wood stoves are charming for about a week, then the hatred of ashes and the fear of chimney fires take over.)

Today, to relieve the furnace, I set the thermostat at 60º and brought the space heater into the living room. I cut up cardboard strips and stuffed them into the front door to quell the draft, and draped two shawls over the doorway leading to the kitchen.

Fugsley shat on the kitchen rug this morning, shortly after being outside.

I am cold and miserable and worry about finances. I look like an Eskimo in my layers of sweatpants and sweaters.

I feel overwhelmed, old, ugly, grumpy, tired and sad.

But, it's going to warm up by Monday, at least to above freezing, and so far the chickens and bunnies still live.

At least I'm not in Fargo, ND. Note the wind chill.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

I hear you. Last week was that way for me and thou the temp is no higher my attitude has changed.

I'm still fat and old, but I find the time to laugh at myself.

It's laugh or cry and I'd rather laugh.

Hugs, Euphoria


Lady E, sometimes I don't like those choices.

Sigh. It will warm up.

Mouse said...

*hugs* I'm sorry you're having such a crap week.. I don't think this cold is doing anyone any good mentally though.

vloula said...

Recently a young spin/weave/knit friend said "ugh" about turning 20! i mentioned how long the miserable would be if it started now!! As for cold, 1 room with electric heat here, everything else come from bodies or space heaters ... i'm there with you on cold, but at least the snow is pretty :/

Nancy said...

Girl Trip!

zippiknits said...

I'm glad your Bro showed up and you got to have laughs and some fun..

dang, that is so cold!

And yes, I am reading backwards, and holding a chubby little dog in my lap, too.