Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rotate Clockwise.

Another pair of socks done.

Although, I can only find one of them right now, as Fugsley has hid the mate. I wore them once or twice, enough to get my scent on them good, and, well, when Fugsley gets her separation anxiety, she looks for a small piece of me, a sock or hair flower, and carries it around. She doesn't chew or destroy, just carries it and lays on it. Not so much anymore, as she is settling in, but she was still doing it last week. I don't wear underwear anymore, or she'd have had them all over the house instead.

The yarn was hand dyed superwash, merino and nylon, and there is a barely discernible zigzag seed stitch pattern on the leg and top of foot. As an experiment, they turned out well enough, but the added bulk of the seed stitch make them not so comfortable in the clogs that I wear practically all the time.

I frogged the stupid, yet Handsome Shawl. I might have finished it, maybe, if only the chart in the book wasn't printed in the smallest possible type. I did scan and enlarge it, but then it was so freaking' huge and unwieldy that I gave up trying to keep my place.

I'm making a hat or two out of the yarn, instead. Nothing fancy.

I have a cold, and it is raining. Gloomy weather to be sure, but it is at least above freezing day and night.

Princess and Zander (aka Fugsley,) are cozy enough.


The other Nancy said...

I love the socks. How much would it be if you made me and Autumn a pair of fuzzy purple socks?


An arm and a leg....

Helena Handbag said...

I see that Miss Fugsley/Zander has fired her makeup artists.

Valerie said...

Man, the pups are cute... hope you are staying warm/dry.