Monday, March 08, 2010

Enjoy with Caution

Hey, chitlins!

Because I just can't help myself, I bought 7 beautiful pullets today. Pullets are hens, aka girl chickens. Five different varieties, and all of their names have vanished from my memory. Wait, there are two barred rock, and they shall be black and white. Otherwise, the other five are assorted non-white hens.

They are ensconced in a cage in the kitchen for the time being, with Zander and Princess properly abjured from messing with them.

Sweetie told me tonight, that although he is seldom home, he does love me to bring home my various creatures, especially chickens. Love you!

The new renters are so awesome! Before they have even moved in, they have done so much work on the house! You go Girls! They have pulled out the old tub and surround, and repaired the drain. Then, it was discovered that the drain from the tub just sort of petered out into the ground.


They emailed me, saying that they hoped Sweetie was not responsible. I can gladly say that he was not. But still, it only reinforces my opinion of the local population. It is not good.

Oh well, it is a minor thing really, to pipe the grey water to the sewer.


k said...

The cool thing with assorted hens is that you will get assorted colors of eggs. Probably various shades of brown, but still. I bought that one dozen from that guy, and there were a couple of pale green eggs in there. I just bought a dozen non-graded eggs from the co-op, and every other one was brown or white!! It just made eggs better, somehow.
(And going on and on, here) I was taking some prescription or another to help with allergies or something, and it started up a bunch of allergies that had gone dormant. I couldn't eat store bought eggs at all, but I could eat the eggs from my chickens. So there.

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, wow -- that is quite a discovery to make! Good thing you've got some renters who are up for the work. And it's nice to know that your sweetie appreciates your animal charges :)

k said...

I just had a vision of you moving, with everything loaded on the back of the truck and you in your rocker with chickens on your lap on top.