Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello, My Name is .....


Thanks to facebook, I know that my 1975 class from Huntington North High School, (Go Vikings!) will have their 35th reunion this fall.

Know what? I plan to attend! As far as I can tell, no other reunion has been planned in all these years. I called my old High School back near the 30th, and was told to contact my class officers. Snort!

I used to be an angry young man woman, that pledged never to return to the scene of so much hate that was directed toward me. Then, later, I said, Okay, I'll come, in my limousine and I. Will. Fucking. Show. You.

And now? I'll come in my Mercedes Benz sedan, in order to testify!

Long live the love of the 60s and 70s! Long live Social Justice! (Screw you, Glenn Beck!) Long live the life of Seks, Drugs and Rock and Roll! They've have always worked for me. Long Live Art and Altruism!

I have it all, you all! The better life of home ownership and driving a good car, (it's an '83) plus doing what I can to make this a better, more caring world.

I gave up Christianity quite a long time ago, but that has nothing to do with the love I have for my fellows and sisters here on earth.


Mouse said...

Sounds like you've got a new positive outlook on things- I'm very happy for you!

Pam J. said...

What an honest post! I've got a high school reunion coming up next month and desperately don't want to go. I've been to some in the past and they just cause me great anxiety. But... my husband (from the same class--we re-met and married 12 years after high school graduation--we each, apparently, had to get a starter marriage under our belts first) really wants to go. And he would go w/o me except he doesn't want to answer the question all night "where's Pam?" So I may be forced --by my conscience, not by my sig. other --to gulp down a few valia--sweet little blue pills!--and drag my sorry ass to this unpleasant affair.