Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I hate Cat Bordhi

This must not be the time to be knitting Cat Bordhi socks. Argle Bargle! Puddin' and Pie! And other assorted bad words. #$%@#! Motherflipper. Fatherdoper. Sons of Canute. Ding Dong Daddy!

I cannot follow her patterns. At all. I ain't stupid,just maybe a little distracted, but still? I have screwed up big time.

Therefore, I have ripped out the previous current socks and have begun another pair of entrelac ones. A fussy but readable pattern.

I mean, I spent $50 on two books by her and I am so disappointed and unhappy. I'll try them again in a year or so, to see if my brain can comprehend her by then.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

HI Fuzzarelly,

I know what you mean. Not about her pattern, but others.

It makes you feel so inferior when it happens. And helpless too.

Sorry you are having troubles.

I like the stuff of hers I've encountered to date. I'll never make a top down sock again.

Then again I never do a pattern without transferring it to a card for my knitting bag and in doing so I make it so that I get what it is about first.

Good luck next time.

Hugs, Euphoria


Love you, Lady!

Knitting Linguist said...

I'll just say here that I know what you mean. Sigh...

vloula said...

my only experience with her was trying to watch one of her tutorials online ... painfully annoying :( didn't even make it a whole minute!