Sunday, April 11, 2010

Not Safe for Children Under Twelve


I mentioned to Sweetie the other day that I thought my mood had improved with the longer daylight hours, and had he noticed? "Hell yeah!," was his reply.

Apparently I am more perky and happy, less with the sad and morose. Even though my allergies are acting up like hell. Sinus congestion and little bumps on my arms and wrists and the eggzima going rabid.

Also? He brings home things, besides books, from work. Like big ass crates. For free.

We made this one into a coop for the new chicks, using only things that we had on hand. We think maybe people might buy them.

But what I think would be really commercial, is making the crates into road-side trash storage for country people bedeviled by raccoons and wild dogs. Just put a hinged lid on top.

The weather has been a delight, and I have already mowed twice. I like mowing. It's a good time to think.

And then there are the baby bunnies.

And here is one of Blue Jean's babies and the wild one. Two buns, one hand.


Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I love your chicken coop! You're right, I bet people would go for those :) I'm so glad to hear that the sunlight is helping; that's just great news, and I'm sure such a relief for you.

k said...

I think the crate is art. The Mountain Dew bottle on the side is so tres chic.