Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hither and Yon

Firstly, I am feeling better. I told my doctor this past Friday that I really wanted to get off of my current anti-repressant, as I had been taking it for six or seven years and I thought that it was making feel dead inside. She said okay, and told me how to taper off of it. I am to continue with the generic wellbutrin for the nonce, though.

I wasn't able to finish the socks for her, as I have made so many mistakes and had to rip back and redo and so on; but I took the partials to show her and I was able to ascertain her shoe size. I am now at the gussets and safari so goody.

One thing I have learned and wanted to share is this: when knitting with double pointed needles, to truly avoid the little gap between needles, to knit the first stitch tightly, and then knit the second stitch even more tightly. I have been using this technique on these socks, and I can honestly not tell where in my knitting the needles change.

I wish I could remember where I saw this; I thought it might have been Fleegle's Blog or Techknitting (see links in my sidebar as I am getting tired of html,) but I just checked and it wasn't them.

Here is a little treat for you Stephen Frye fans, which I found at this website.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that link! I didn't think it was possible to admire the man any more than I already did, but it was. You made my day.
Nancy Neverswept

k said...

Hey, were you ever a member at Knitter's Review?

I'm glad you're feeling better. I've been spending all my time outside. I hardly even hurt any more.