Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seam allowances not included.

Hello and Good Morning! Guess who's feeling better? I have been actually doing things, and thinking about other things to do, and that is certainly different.

Yesterday, I created a pair of shorts for myself out of a worn and outgrown denim jumper. Took about twenty minutes, and this was after I finished putting back together the Betty Blanky, after taking it apart and washing the fleece covers (for maybe the first time ever? ewwww!) The Betty Blanky came to us four or five years ago from friend BettyBob, who made it using a sheep's wool batt made by Zeilwieger's using the fleece from Ewenice, Betty's sheep. (Her husband was, or became, allergic to it, so she gifted it to me. Really to Sweetie, though, the frozen chihuahua who is ever in search of a warm place.) The batt is encased in cheesecloth and in itself is not washable, but the fleece outer covers are. The whole sandwich, which is queen size, was then tie tacked together. In short, it is clean and sleep worthy again!

I also finished Little Autumn's Princess Socks last night. I used my Embellish-Knit I-cord maker to create the trim and ties. She'll be home from her dad's this evening, and I can't wait to see her in them.

Livestock is doing okay, even though our temps have been hot for June, and we are forecast to be in the 90ºs all this upcoming week. Omelet is making his solitary way, and seems fine. Henny Penny has another clutch to brood over. The new girls are also well, here are three of the six.

Oh! I ordered a George Foreman grill last Tuesday, the most recent 360 model, (which was on sale as they must be coming out with a new one,) and it arrived Thursday. I love it to pieces! It's red! It sports removable grill plates, and there is also a bake pan (for pizza, among many other things,) and plates for quesadillos. It makes great grilled onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes, to go with one's grilled brats. This morning, I made Sweetie's french toast on it, using no butter. I am so happy! I want to make grilled potatoes, pineapple slices, and carrots. Looks like I can remove some of the cast iron skillets from the stove top into pantry storage. (We don't have built in cabinets in our old-fashioned kitchen, so I store stuff wherever I can. Like the stove top.)

Now that the socks are done, I will most likely cast on another pair for me out of the new yarn shown in a previous post. I still have a hank of dyeable superwash, as well as a skein of alpaca sock weight, along with enough leftover bits from other pairs to make at least one other pair. I also ordered yarn from Webs to make the Wisteria Sweater.

Think I will spend a little more time sewing today, maybe another pair of shorts.

Oh, caught Zander and Princess in this pose last week, exhausted after tearing up the couch.


Stone said...

I was sure my dog Max could relax with the best of them, but your dogs make Max's best efforts resemble an anxiety attack.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Wow. Productive! I'm not sure whatcha put in yer coffee, but inquiring minds want to know.

Helena Handbag said...

It is so damn fabulous to hear you sounding so content and know that you are enjoying yourself. Many smooches to you, Chihuahua man, pups, poultry, felines, and buns!

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, so many good things! I love love love those socks, and i bet their recipient will love them, too (much better than any new pathway). Glad to hear the creative urge has struck, that is always a good feeling.

zippiknits said...

Love the pink pointy toed socks, footlings or what ever they are called. Wow you are sewing and recycling too. Whoot!