Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Parking No Loitering No Standing

I attended the Friendship Spinners' gathering on Saturday, taking my wheel and spinning my own self, even. Here are a few of the tribe.

I am continuing to feel good and energetic. Sunday and yesterday, I purged the living room. After falling for the third time over the boxes of books in here, and after cursing for several minutes, I received great satisfaction in heaving said boxes out the door and into the front yard. Dagdabbit! Futhermucker! Radgin' Fragdit! It almost felt as good as slamming our heavy wooden inside doors, which I have had occasion to do lately. Like I have told Sweetie, the bitch is back. Yay!

Today I spent cleaning and organizing my studio, and I did it with a cheerful heart. I want to spend a lot more time in there, and I want it to be tidy. I find that I am not having to force myself to do any of this work; rather, I want to do it and do it well.

Have I mentioned to you all how good I am feeling now that I am off the medz?

Henny Penny has two little chicks who are a week old tomorrow. I had hoped for more, but I am just glad she has more than one. After I noticed her brooding four weeks ago, on only one egg, I placed four more underneath her from eggs I had in the fridge. I learned later that this is not a good idea, as the fridge dries them out, but I choset one good one anyway. Henny is being the same great mother to these two that she was to Omelet, who is doing well and hanging out in the back yard. The six older hens are due to start laying at the end of the month. Yay! Egg overdose on the way!

I found a great show from England over on Hulu, starring Stephen Fry as a lawyer in a small seaside town. The show is eponymously called Kingdom, and there are 18 episodes over 3 seasons. I watched the pilot last night, and intend to parcel out and watch an episode every evening or two. It's a sweet delight. Go! Find! Enjoy!


Mouse said...

I'm so glad you are feeling so great! As someone who has spent her entire life on a crazy emotional rollercoaster I know how awesome it is when everything "clicks" into place. Also the word "futhermucker" made me giggle like a fiend.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

It is great to see the sunshine coming from your direction.

Glad you are getting things done with a smile.

Are you heading to my house next? I have a few things around here that need cleaning. Ha, ha.

Talk with you later on Skype if you have the time?

Hugs, Euphoria

Knitting Linguist said...

What a happy post! Yay, indeed :) I well know that feeling of everything coming together, and how good it feels :)

zippiknits said...

Welcome back, B**ch. hehe

Here's to the chicks and their Good mother/stepmother. Can you buy fertile eggs from a farmer friend, ones that haven't been refrigerated? Inquiring minds and all that.

It's great to see that you came roaring back and went aspinnin'!