Friday, July 09, 2010

Thin with water.

Sweetie and I are each creative in our own unique ways.

I just finished this wall in the bathroom. I had seen the basic idea of shredding magazines and white-glueing the strips onto a wall several years ago, and finally did it. It was fun and cheap and didn't take too long. Really perks up our dreary pit stop.

Sweetie on the other hand, gets destructive in creative ways. He set this stump on fire Monday, and it has smoldered since and has slowly been shrinking.

But apparently not fast enough. That's when he got the leaf blower. And a beer. Maybe more than one.

After a fun half hour of that, his arm grew weary, so he again got creative. (I need to submit this to There, I Fixed It.) And no, we're not really supposed to burn open fires like this unless we call the local VFD, which we didn't.

Upshot is that this morning? There is a big-ass blackened crater where a mighty maple tree once lived.


Pam J. said...

I love every single thing in this post! I use magazine covers as bathroom wallpaper, plus old pictures from magazines. Sometimes I think about the poor soul who will have to deal with all that glue on my walls after they carry me out of here feet first. Your idea of using shredded magazines is just fabulous... looks great! My daughter has a BFA and her senior thesis, which in art school is a series of paintings, involved wall hangings partially made from recycled ads from magazines, among other things. But my absolute favorite picture in this post is the beer+leaf-blower+man. My sig other will see it and say "hey, that looks like fun! Isn't there a stump we need to get rid of."

Shawna McKellar said...

Bill is just being true to his ancient pagan roots - I suppose that he wanted the leaf blower out of his hands so that he could do a wild, half-naked dance around the fire.

How you deal with his savagery, I don't know. I guess you just lock yourself in the bathroom, patiently shredding magazines and gluing them to the wall.

You're such a cute couple!

Neighbor Nancy said...

Me and the girls sat on the porch and watched the leave blower incident. Lez said "What is he doin now"? I had no answer, I just laughed.

zippiknits said...

That is a beautiful wall there, kiddo. Stunning, really. Love it!

And the stump, well, it beats blowing it up with dyno. hehe. He might have liked to do that, tbh.

Lynne said...

I think I knew his brother, cousin or maybe the uncle.