Friday, August 06, 2010

Return to Sender

It has been hot here lately, in the upper 90s, and every living thing is stressed. The chickens are able to gather under various bushes and trees and stay cool enough. The semi-wild bunnies as well.

I found Oscar Wild Hare cold in her backyard cage Wednesday morning, and I took the somber drive to the cemetery to offer her body to the sky, as it were.

Heizen, a venerable bunny, was a rescue from several years ago. His mother, a grown woman, became horribly allergic to him, which was so sad as this was her first-ever pet. I saw her "Free bunny w/cage" sign at my vet's, made the call, and collected this beautiful, timid, neutered bunny the next day. (The name Heizen came from Watership Down, from a female bunny character called Hyzenthlay.)

He was very shy, but sweet always. After several months, he began to feel at ease roaming around our living room, then the kitchen. During good weather, I would let him roam inside a wire corral outside, and then when the backyard enclosure was built, he lived there, very happily I believe, and got along with other bunnies always as well as the chickens when they came along.

This spring, he came up lame in his hindquarters, and I thought he was toast then, but he mostly recovered and ran around almost as before. He had respite from the heat, so I don't think that is what did him in this morning. Rather, I think it was his old age and the lameness, because I found him still alive, but totally twisted and unable to stand or move. I made him as comfortable as possible, but I knew he was at his end.

What a sweet little guy! I'll will miss him, a lot, but he had a great bunny life, and I am so glad to have had him.


Anonymous said...

I grieve with you; no matter the circumstances or welcome the end, it never gets any easier to lose one of the pets. We just go on with what we gotta do.
Nancy NeverSwept

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, i am so sorry to hear about Heizen. You are right, it sounds Ike he had a wonderful life with you, and was very lucky that you made the call that day.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

So sorry I didn't find this post until today. I've been so busy in the garden and with canning I haven't been on the web.

So sweet and adorable. They have your heart in an instant. I know you will miss them.

My love and support to you as you grieve your fuzzy friends.

Hugs, Euphoria