Friday, September 17, 2010

We deliver.


The tension on my venerable Bernina has become erratic, as I wrote earlier this week, and it causes me great anxiety. I can get it right, after some fiddling, and then top thread or the bobbin thread tension goes kerflooey again. I can't produce good work with it. I will get it fixed. (I think what happened, is that the machine sat quiet for several years and in that time, this tension spring got rusty. Then, when I began sewing like mad on her, that rusty bit broke.) Kite Man thought it was the fabric, but no, it sewed the rip stop nylon fine for several weeks.

What to do? What to do?

Why, buy another machine, of course. I am all about the equipment. I ordered a Bernina 950, which is sort of a cross between an industrial and a domestic machine. Zig zag and straight stitch, 5 needles positions, and more!

Fed Ex just called to see if I would be here Monday to take delivery. I'm foamy with anticipation!


k said...

It's a plain old machine that sews, and sews well? I'll take one!
I wonder what's up with those Bernettes, or what ever. I might look a bit at those.


Plain old machines that sew, and sew well! Yes, sounds a bit like me. I won't toss the old girl, just get her fixed. I love mechanical sewing machines; never have had one of these fancypants computerized ones. I like a machine that can be fixed with a screwdriver, oil, and a bit of ingenuity and know how.

Older machines are to be had. K, get one.

Knitting Linguist said...

Hooray!! A good piece of equipment is a thing of joy and beauty and it makes all the tasks done with it that much more pleasurable. I feel that way about kitchen knives myself -- worth the investment :)

shandy said...

The simpler the better with sewing machines, I think. I learned to sew on the straight-stitch hand powered machine on which my mother had made all our clothes as children. I still miss it.


Shandy, are you writing about treadle machines? My mom had one when I was a tot, and I remember "helping" her to treadle. What a pain in the behind I must have been.

I bought a Singer treadle several years ago, and never could quite get the rhythm of the thing and so sold it.

I read several reviews of the machine I did buy, and one of the complaints was the noise of the motor. I always have loved the sound of power that those clutch motors make, as well as the speed they are capable of, plus the size of the table. Different strokes and all that.

And KL, Sweetie brought a good kitchen knife, along with several stainless steel pans and lids, to our marriage. I love that knife, and sharpen in at least once a week. Use it constantly.

k said...

Bigfoot busted the tip off my Wusthoff Trident paring knife. No wonder I have issues with him.
I've got my mom's Singer, and I picked up a Kenmore at a garage sale for free. Need to get it a base, and then we'll be rolling.