Friday, October 29, 2010


More than once, lately, I have said to Sweetie,"Things need to change." I am usually in tears when I say this.


Things are changing. I have contacted a real estate agent and will meet with her on Tuesday. 

Sweetie has a job for the taking in Missouri. I KNOOOOOOOW! (spoken a la Craig Ferguson.)

However. Whether he takes said job or not, we are moving within 6 months. I so much need a smaller house. Sweetie so much wants me to be around smarter people. 

Two things that I have told him lately seem to have made an impression. One is that we are one illness or one accident away from bankruptcy, as I am not insured, healthwise. Also, I will be almost 65 in a mere 11 years. Both of those items shocked him, yet it used to be he that could see the Big Picture. (Bless him for not realizing how ancient I almost am.)

There has been a job offer, to the west of here. Apparently, the job is his if he wants it and we care to move. We will go west to investigate next weekend. Thank goodness for the innertubes, which allows me to check out home prices, grocery stores, drug stores, etc.

So. I am making plans to move, no matter what. We will either be west or east of here in six months. 

Excuse me while I go and comtemplate drinking bleach.


Mouse said...

Good luck! Also.. I find that when pondering drinking bleach you should make sure you spring for the brand name 'flavored' stuff- like lavender or lemon. Makes it go down better. Rabbitch and I have a great many 'bleach shooter' jokes. Its nice to see you have the same demented sense of humor as we do. lol.

J Dub said...

Go west. Missouri's the place to be!

Knitting Linguist said...

No, no! No bleach! Sometimes you need life to shake up a little bit, and it sounds like all the signs are coming together to say that time is NOW. Good luck :)

zippiknits said...

The housewife's Kool Aid.. no no! I'm glad you didn't drink it.

I thought the white house (^up there) was yours. Sorry, this woman needs either a new brain or new glasses. hehe