Sunday, December 26, 2010

See back cover for details.

Sweetie left yesterday to get back to Missouri and his job. It was wonderful to have him home. The 3 1/2 day work week is really nice, since it gives him time to make the almost 6 hour drive each way. Also, where he is living now and where we hope to be living, is only a 5 minute drive to work. A pleasant change after 15 years of 45-60 minute commutes. 

Fannie Mae made a counter offer on the new house, which we have accepted. It is almost $13,000 less than the original asking price. If everything goes smoothly, we should close at the end of January. Sweetie was able to get a VA loan, at a tiny fixed rate interest rate. Yay, us! I guess I need to start collecting boxes. 

I'm knitting on the socks. Had to rip out the heels after a wrong stitch count on both of them. Cheese and crackers! Oh, and the pattern on the one wonky skein has suddenly corrected itself. The original skeins were $4.29 each, and then were on sale at 40% off, which means the yarn cost me just a little over $5. The blend is 50% superwash wool, 25% bamboo, and 25% nylon and it has a soft hand. I like how certain things I make hold memories of events that went on during their construction. 

Howard hasn't been doing too well, and I know squat about ducks. He hasn't been eating his feed or quacking ever since the week I was gone and we had the ice storm, and is having trouble getting around. Yesterday his eye was matted closed. Sigh. I'm ashamed to say that I was secretly hoping he would die, but he has kept hanging in there. So today I brought him inside, and he is in an inch of water in our tub, along with Rubber Ducky. He ate some bread and drank a lot of water, and his eye is better. I figure he can stay there for the time being. I can take sink baths. He seems happier. I wonder if he wasn't depressed and lonely after losing his little friends, Omelet and Buffalo Wing. 

Henny Penny and her two kids, Peg Leg and Wing Man, are in cramped quarters, but doing well. They will go and live with Fried Chicken and His Hens once the chicks get big enough, or we move, which ever comes first. I hear that Fried Chicken loves cat food, and would come into the house if allowed to. They are all doing well, and I am so delighted that they are safe and happy.


Helena Handbag said...

Smooches Dahlink and I love your for taking care of Howard.

Knitting Linguist said...

You are so right about knitted objects holding the memories of what we were doing while we knitted them - I think that's one of the things I like best about knitting, even if sometimes the memories are difficult ones. But it sounds like things are going along for you, which is great! Congratulations on the house, and on finding good homes for everyone - you are doing amazingly well with everything that's happening right now!