Sunday, January 16, 2011


My life so far.

I have an idea what may be wrong with Howard. Pasturella. I googled duck health, and found a site with loads of info. Who knew there was a duck health web site? 

Some people that lived here before us raised rabbits. In the upstairs loft where I kept my rabbits. And some of them acquired snuffles, aka pasturella. Apparently, it is a difficult germ to eradicate, once it is ensconced. Ducks and poultry are also susceptible, and I believe that is what Howard has gotten. All the symptoms are there. I am medicating him and keeping his quarters sanitized and trying to make him eat. At least I now have a plan of action.

In house news, the VA loan has been approved, and closing looks to be on Feb. 18. Sweetie was here and is now back to work. It is tiresome, he says, to come home, but then he loves to be home once he is here. I seriously need a timetable, as otherwise, I am a dithering fool. Boxes are being acquired.

Still sporadically knitting on the Storm socks.


Mouse said...

I'm glad you have an idea of what is wrong with HOward and how to go about making him better! I've got my fingers crossed & mojo machine working overtime for good luck on your housing venture!

Janet said...

Just scanning your blog, I gather that you will be on the move soon. Better get those boxes and start packing. I'm still unpacking mine here in Seattle - one of those boxes was packed back in 1991 and stored in a garden shed in Dublin. Then it got incorporated in our big move from Dublin Ireland to Seattle.

k said...

I'm unpacking boxes from 15 years ago, so I guess I'm not a total slacker.
Your header reminds me of when I used to go down to the neighborhood park on cold days in January and hunker down in the marshy part in the center, and watch the sky.

Knitting Linguist said...

Having a deadline always helps me to get myself in gear - then I can work backwards, knowing that if I'm going to have everything done by X date, then this needs to be done by Y, and that by Z, etc etc.

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

I’ve posted a meme on my Blog and you have been chosen for The Stylish Blogger Award.

Feel free to not participate. But if you do the posting is found here.

Hugs, Euphoria