Thursday, February 17, 2011

Children Playing

Okay. It's Thursday. Already.

Sweetie is in love, or extreme like, with his work schedule of three 12-hour days and then one half-day. He doesn't have to go back until Sunday morning. Also, we are not driving to Indiana this weekend, so he is actually able to enjoy his time off. The company gifted his work group, for having 4 years without accidents, with 25 pounds of steak and 10 pounds of ground beef. We don't have a refrigerator here, but there is snow and so I created a make-shift cooler to keep the meat frozen. We plan to give away the steak to a local church, or meal kitchen, if we can find someone that will take it. I mean, really, I like meat but 25 pounds of anything is one whole hell of a lot and way more than the two of us need. The snow has been melting quickly; today it is 71ยบ but breezy, and so arrangements need to be made pronto.

I don't have a range, either, but I do have a large George Foreman Grill, a toaster, a toaster oven, and a microwave;   so I can do without a stove for quite awhile. A refrigerator, on the other hand, is needed soon, as well as a good vacuum cleaner. (The navy blue carpet in the living room is looking more ombre colored with each passing day.) 

Today we went shopping, and found just the place to get everything we need locally. There's a sale going on and one-year-same-as-cash payment plan. I may even get a new dining room table and chairs. The reclining sofa will have to wait.

It has been great to have the innertubes again! It made living in Lovely Laconia bearable, and although Montgomery City has 2500 more inhabitants, it will make living here more bearable, too. Two cool things about living here is the closeness of the grocery store and library, both of which are within walking distance. I was used to a 25-minute drive to get to either in Indiana. (Well, the Kroger in Brandenburg, KY was only 15 minutes away.) The traffic on our residential street is minimal. It is quiet save for when the freight train comes through town a couple of blocks away, but I find it a more comforting noise than an irritating one. There is an elementary school just to the north of us and a parochial school just to the south, and an enforced 25 mph speed limit.

Some little creatures followed us here.

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Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Fuzzarelly,

I'm feeling at home already.

But you are right, a refrigerator is a must.

Good for you, giving the meat away to those in need.

I was missing your regular posts. Glad you are settling in, Sweetie doing great and all that.

Hugs, Euphoria