Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lots my differ.

Saturday, I had the scratchy throat. Sunday, I was The Mean Green Mucus Machine. Monday, after a regimen of 2 benadryls and 2 aspirins every 6 hours, I was able to walk upright again.

Today, still have the cold, but feel much better. Postponed my Monday "new patient with a primary care physician" appointment to Thursday. 

Sweetie and I both have had escaping dreams lately, where we are trying to get out of somewhere. Apropos to our situation, ya think? Last night I dreamed, once again, about being back in high school, where I was failing English! of all things. (Also having sex with teachers in the bathroom.)(Heh heh.)

There is over 4 inches of snow here. Again. There were huge fluffy snow globs falling much of yesterday. Quite beautiful, and got my desire to actually see it snow here over with. Okay. The temperatures are high enough that all roadways are clear, and warm weather is on its way for later in the week. 

Taxes are done, and we will get a small amount of money back, after paying for the preparation. Like I have said before, I will let Sweetie perform surgery on me, but I want a professional to prepare my taxes. 

Began another pair of plain-jane socks, but am looking on Ravelry for something more demanding.

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