Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take with bleach

As with many other bloggers, I am neglecting my own blog. I don't twitter or even update my facebook status often. No apologies from me. It's my life and I can't promise to post more often.

I am depressed, but less so than before. These grey, gloomy and rainy days lately have not helped, but I wonder how much warm and sunny days will improve my outlook. 

I am loving my bunnies, and that is a good thing. Today, I spun some of that mohair cloud, and that was also good. I had an anxiety attack and put off a meeting with the insurance agent until tomorrow, when Sweetie can accompany me. I do not want to leave the house. I hope we won't go to Indiana this weekend. I want to stay safe at home, and in this room. The mud room/office, where Gertie and Trixie and the computer are. is.?

I am exceedingly lonely, and I so much appreciate that Lorie from Indiana calls me regularly. My other friends there seem not so much inclined. 

It's a teary type of day, when one may long for eternal sleep.


Anonymous said...

When oblivion seems attractive, even.

rabbitIng said...

oh no, don't say so. i have been there, but i know now, it is just one's personal weather zone is off. this too will pass, and it's worth holding on for the good round the corner. And Sweetie, of course.

HelenaHandbag said...

Honey, I'd call ya if I had your number. Tried to call you on Greencastle day via the cell number I had, but the automated voice said it was disconnected. Get me that # and I'll be on the phone with you pronto!
Just recently went through a month long episode with numerous anxiety attacks and very little sleep so I know how very hellish it is. Think of you so often and wish you peace and love and all that groovy stuff.
Smooches and take care sweets.

k said...

Apparently it isn't just me with the immobilizing attacks.
Don't let go. No matter what.