Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Visited my friend in Indiana last week. I taught her knitting a few months ago, and she has taken the ball of yarn and run with it! I gave her a big bag of handspun, and she began knitting garter squares and rectangles to make an afghan. This trip, I showed her the purl stitch made the "regular" way as well as the norwegian purl, aka purl with the yarn in back. I left her eager to cast on for a pair of two-needle socks done in ribbing. 

Fried Chicken
While there, I saw Fried Chicken, Henny, and the other chickens. 

Also went to the Fiber Event in Greencastle, with one goal in mind: a baby bunny. Thank goodness I went early on Friday, as most of them had already been sold, but I was able to find Trixie who has turned out to be a total doll! (The breeders hired students to come and hold the bunnies almost from birth, so they are all used to being handled.) For much of the drive home through Illinois, she sat quietly alert on my left shoulder. She and Gertrude get along just dandy, and they both have the run of the office/mudroom, which has an easy care tile floor. 

I have a follow-up visit with my care provider today. I can report that I am feeling better, mentally, although there are still some hard days. Also physically better, as my mysterious allergy/stress-induced rashes have mostly disappeared. It could have been the prednisone she gave me that caused my sense of smell to return for a full and glorious two weeks. At least I know that it is possible for me to smell; that my nose isn't damaged.

Spring is here and that can't help but improve one's mood. We have a pretty flowering shrub in the back yard that I can't identify. I have a tree and shrub book, but it is uselessly arranged. One needs to know the name first to find information, instead of flower or leaf type. 

Also, I washed some very old mohair. I don't have my carder or hand cards here, so I am merely fluffing the clean locks into cloud. I haven't spun since December.

Mohair Cloud


HelenaHandbag said...

I'm so disappointed that we missed each other!

k said...

If you're talking about the bush in the picture, it's a lilac. Possibly a french variety. It should smell wonderful, even to someone who can't smell.