Saturday, May 07, 2011

Enjoy Cold.


No news is good news they say, but rumors are rife about what will happen to the employees and the Tyson building. Not a peep is being said by the company, apparently until "the deal" is signed. In the meantime, Sweetie is putting in applications, still working, and getting free meat for perfect attendance. There a lot more jobs out here than near Louisville, especially for skilled labor.

I think everything will work out. Just a feeling.

Spring is really here, so I took a photo of the house. The grass has been mowed three times. If I had irises, they would be blooming now; I will have to bring some here from Indiana. The one peony bush out back has big luscious buds on it, and I have discovered several more hostas. I so enjoy sitting on the back porch, in the shade, but able to see the sun. I could live in the office and back porch all the time, but I try to get out and about every once in awhile, which is hard for an agoraphobe to do. But I try.

My mood seems to depend upon the amount of sunshine we get, and fortunately, it has been sunny here lately. No flooding here either, as we are high enough above sea level. I really feel for those affected along the Mississippi.

The squirrels are tormenting Princess something fierce. I don't think she would ever kill anything, as she is more into spotting and alerting. This ballsy squirrel cracks me up. 

Also, the husband of my good friend in Indiana suffered a heart attack yesterday, and is scheduled for triple or quadruple heart bypass next week. Lorie will spend the next several days camping out in his room. 

And my ex-sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, Stage 1, and after the surgery and chemo, seems to be doing well. 

And then there is my friend in Kentucky, who is involved in a long and messy divorce, has had an appendectomy with very poor insurance, and who's dating attempts have, shall we say, broken her heart into several pieces.

I'm grateful to have my life, and no one else's.


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Love you my sister/friend and glad you are doing okay at the moment.

I hope the sun keeps on shining.

Hugs, Euphoria

Knitting Linguist said...

I have been thinking a lot lately about the way that sometimes what's going on in other people's lives reminds me to be grateful - as weird as that sounds. I'll keep your friends in my thoughts, and you, too - I hope that sun keeps shining!

zippiknits said...

Hope you get lots of that good old sunshine, m'friend.

We had some rain get into the house, but then I thought about the Mississippi folk and mine turned into a joke to tell the truth.

Hang in there you sweet person, and enjoy the squirrel/dog alerts from your good dog.