Monday, May 16, 2011

Now with Bacon!


Sweetie had a job interview Friday in Indiana, for a position that pays even less than he is getting now. And what is getting now is less than the job before. Sigh. He also has interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday in Missouri. There are just so many more opportunities out here, for skilled labor. 

Indiana was so lush compared to here! Everything so green and overgrown and bursting with life. I should have taken pictures. We are a week or so behind here, but with the rain and warmth, we will soon catch up. I have noted numerous old oak trees on my neighborhood walks, along with maples, willows, and trees I can't identify. Yet.

I brought my industrial serger back with me, along with the drum carder. My studio is full. I've made curtains for the front of the house, which faces southwest, and mended some of my clothes. I really need to pursue some sort of income. But. I really just want to stay home.

Sweetie says that he has become like me - not wanting to leave the house on his days off. I do try to get out and about, but on grey and rainy days, it is a real struggle. 

Little Trixie has grown a lot! Soon it will be time for her First Harecut. It's hard to snap a good picture of her, but her dark face against her grey fur is so adorable.


HelenaHandbag said...

Pwecious wittle Twixie. What a baby doll!

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm glad to hear that Sweetie is finding at least something for now, but here's hoping for something even better!

Meanwhile, that is one adorable bunny. I think I'd better not let my girls see that picture :)