Tuesday, July 05, 2011

We now do catering!

New Table
Finally have a dining room table that matches the house, courtesy of Gypsy Gathering. It needs a bit of love, but it's a wonderful piece. I especially like the curved legs.

Also added some new furniture to the large and sort of bare living room. Old rocker recently reupholstered and what is described as "a camel saddle." I'm fairly certain that it is something sold to tourists only, (maybe I should google it,) but the soft red leather seat, the little bell, and the brass camels won my heart. 

New Furniture

Camel Saddle

In the background is a funky 60s style corner table that Leslie gave me, and it fits in so well with our lack of style. The alien-head bank is a thrift store find from way back.

The Studio
I plan to spend time today in the studio. I make something almost every day in there, but yesterday was more organize than anything else. I hate needing something, and not knowing where it is.

Fuzzarelly is up and running and I hope to take some photos there this afternoon. This is the Head Gypsy, Leslie.



zippiknits said...

"it fits in so well with our lack of style"

Lol! I love your lack of style. I also love your studio area. Very nice, Fuzzarelly.

k said...

Wow. I don't show up for a little while, and you're off and running!
I promise I won't come back very often, if that's how it works.