Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're Having a Heat Wave....


Life is being good, in spite of the terrific heat. I have had more visitors to my house this past week than in the last six months. The Gypsy Gang have come to visit and have taken me shopping, aka picking. 

There is a little town near here called Hawk Point, and it is only a bit bigger than Laconia. A mile or less from their 4-way stop sign is a large metal building, air-conditioned, called Unique Treasures. An antique and resale shop with over a hundred booths. In the words of Betty Bob, Who Knew? My friends drove me there, and at first I was a bit lost. I mean, I am not into the buying and reselling thing much. I don't really collect anything, do I? In the end, though, I found some real neat stuff, including two more older paint-by-numbers landscapes. I think the plan has evolved to cover an entire wall in the dining room with pbn. 

Otherwise, I am feeling friended and loved and liked and wanted. Yay me!

Here is some fun from The Muppets.

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