Monday, October 10, 2011

Ambient temperature must be 77º or below.

I am feeling better; the fever is gone, much of the fatigue has lifted, and I can almost speak but I have to pitch my voice in a lower register to avoid squeaking.

Here are my crewel squirrels, each about 16" square, and nicely framed. These little guys will live for a nice long time.

And I can finally post Trixie's last photo, and I hope you all can see how vibrant she looks.


k said...

Those squirrels are beautiful! I want them.
Trixie does look like she was healthy. I got no answers.
And I win. I have pneumonia, although just barely. Dr. was miffed, because I told her I needed antibiotics and she did not want to give them to me.

HelenaHandbag said...

Little darlin' Trixie. She had good love while she was here.

I too am a basso profundo as my voice slowly returns from it's unpaid sick leave. I swear (because I love to), the crap that floats around and knocks me down.

Smooches SP, with no germs attached.

HelenaHandbag said...

I love thinking about them as Cruel Squirrels, though. Gives me a chuckle every time.

zippiknits said...

there is just no explaining Bunny deaths sometimes. that is the way of our beautiful Bunnies. Mine all live in memory now. Hugs to you Fuzzarelly.