Saturday, December 24, 2011

Oil Thoroughly Before Use

Look what Janet found in the back room of the antique shop. I was able to take a box of parts and assemble them, for the most part. I'm missing the part that holds one end of the flyer, and I have two pieces that don't seem to fit anywhere. There are no maker marks on it and, despite some mold, it appears to be in good shape.

Here's the flyer and a bobbin, and the two extra things.

There are two extra bobbins, even. I've been able to turn the wheel with the treadle. Figure I will clean it up and oil it, then look into finding the missing piece. If anyone has suggestions, please don't be shy of leaving a comment.


k said...

I rented a spindle for a couple of months back in the mid-eighties. But doesn't one of those extra parts go across from that one part that sticks up?

There. I have now demonstrated my ability to weigh in on things I know nothing about. See ya!

Knitting Linguist said...

One of those extra bits does look like the other part of the maiden (which holds the flyer and the bobbin) - maybe? That looks a lot like my little Pipy, a New Zealand wheel - maybe you could find something online about them that would help a bit?

zippiknits said...

A person who can probably help you is Rissa Peace Root, on facebook. She used to spin a lot and give demos and loves spinning, though she now has returned to making beautiful embroideries.

I cannot find any wheel that is showing a configuration like that one, and one of the parts may be a distaff. I'm just guessing because of the conformation of the two tapered ends.

It will be so lovely when you get it all oiled and put back together. You will love it.

zippiknits said...

Check this out.

I think the parts are all there...