Monday, February 13, 2012

It's a quarter until six, and there is still light outside! And a bit o' snow, which makes the world even brighter.

My fasting blood glucose has dropped, in the last month(!), from 232 to 135 today.

My blood pressure 121/80.

I have lost five pounds. 

And I am so excited and yet so very exhausted. My plate is very full. Still getting all the paperwork together for the new store, but since the offices were closed for Lincoln's Day, I will have to wait until tomorrow to get the help I need.

My depression isn't awful bad, but I am tired and sleepy and sometimes weepy. That may be because of all the pills I am taking. Thank goodness I can nap when I need to, and sometimes I sleep about 18 hours a day. 

I have not knit one damn stitch in a week.


zippiknits said...

I missed that you were opening a shop and that you had named it Purple Squirrel. How cute is that?!

Little wonder that you're tired with all that you are doing, health wise and with opening a shop and all. All your vitals really did a rabid improvement and congratulations on the weight loss. wow, you are a busy bee! :-)


Yes, I have made a 'rabid' improvement!