Friday, February 24, 2012


Been busy trying to take care of myself. That part of my life is harder than anything else. Allergies are kicking up, and I feel like crap-on-a-stick. Sleepy, achy, and living as if my head is in the clouds.

Should have gone to the shop today, but couldn't move off the couch. I really want Purple Squirrel to succeed, but finding the energy is so difficult.

Going to Indiana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon. No, really. Renter is moving out, after her partner died suddenly in November. She can't stand staying in the same house, and has found a place a walk from her job. Sweetie has a personal day available, so will be going sometime early March to check out the property and dance with the ghosts at our old house. Glad that he is going with, because I don't think I could handle everything right now by my lone self.

Have felt so overwhelmed with life recently. Have to deal with taxes here shortly, but I at least have my paperwork in order for that. Therapy is helping. My therapist is wonderful, and not the least judgmental. Worth every dime, even though sometimes, I just sit and talk about my week. And am now getting weekly allergy shots, and have found a health food store and a great grocery store, and visit them every week when I am Columbia for my health things. Trying to eat more raw foods, more organic foods and all that hippie stuff. Maybe soon my allergies won't be kicking my ass so hard.

We women find it hard, mostly, to look after our own selves. We are last on every 'To Do' list. I am trying to make myself at least more the middle. Birthday tomorrow, turning 55. I have no idea how I lived and got this old. But a funny thing; a friend on fb complained about her restaurant neighbors, who chatting loudly about their personal friendship problems. I was able to comment that anymore, I don't hesitate to give them advise. And if they say anything such as 'mind your own bidness,' I act all innocent and say that I thought they were having a public, not private, conversation. Getting older has its rewards.


zippiknits said...

I jst watched , for the third time, this movie on Netflix, and thought of it when you mentioned raw foods.
it's an amazing film.

Take care of yourself, and wishing you all the best to regain your energy. I believe in vitamin therapy for at least half of what ails us in this modern toxic world.

shansays said...

Happy Birthday, dear Nancy. Glad Bill is going with you to visit the house. We have made it down to our house since June. Most mornings, I just want to pack the car with my knitting and the dog and run!

Big Hug,

Knitting Linguist said...

Getting older definitely does have its benefits! And I'm glad that you're sticking with all of those wonderful things that you're doing for yourself. I know winter is your hard time, but you are taking care of yourself, and that is the absolute best thing you can be doing right now.