Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fragrance Free

¡Hola! from the Great Midwest!

I finished the latest Wingspan shawl. I used an acrylic boucle yarn; unusual for me to not use a natural fiber, but I had it already and I think it worked well. Click to embiggen.

I ordered some colorful Regia sock yarn from WEBS, and have cast on the Entrelac Socks for Noro Kureyon which I found on Ravelry. I also ordered 480 yards of lace weight alpaca and silk, which may or may not grow up to be the Swallowtail Shawl.

Today was my weekly trip to Columbia to get my allergy shot. One more weekly visit to go, then it be bi-weekly. Today, it welted a bit - about the size of a silver dollar. (Does anyone even remember silver dollars anymore?) Also saw my wonderful therapist. She handed me the scrip that my head doctor had given her, for me to get started on Cymbalta. Stay tuned.

I also bought myself a half-dozen roses.

Sweetie and the kids, in their natural habitat.


zippiknits said...

There is something sparkly about acrylic yarn that is hard to mach with natural fiber. Silk blends come close. Very pretty shawl and the color is good, too.

Boy do those guys look comfortable! I can tell they are pleased with their natural habitat, too. :)

Good luck on ridding yourself of the allergies. And on getting a new script. fingers roundly crossed for you to feel a lot better really soon. Yes, I remember Silver Dollars.

Love the roses! Gorgeous! and Yay WEBS!

k said...

Perkins used to have silver dollar pancakes. I wonder if they still do?

I've been curious about Cymbalta. I hope it works for you.