Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hand Made in Germany

I am still alive, although Sweetie says it was touch and go for a while. (Methinks he exaggerates.) 

It all started when accidentally swallowed an earring, an earring with a fish hook, with my evening meds. I thought it was just a pill caught sideways in my throat, or whatever, and I went to sleep. It was only the next morning that when missed the mate to said earring and put two and two together. Duh. It was my therapist, at our Wednesday 1 o'clock appointment, who insisted that I go to Urgent Care. Immediately.

It wasn't in my upper intestine. It wasn't in my stomach. It was hanging firmly in my esophagus, near where the neck meets the shoulder. I was sent directly to the hospital, and the earring was removed. And all was fine.

Until Saturday, when I began to feel tired and sick, and then Sunday I could barely swallow and I had a temperature. Find me in the emergency room Monday morning, and then find me admitted to the hospital to treat the infection caused by the endoscopy. (I had been sent home with no antibiotics and not much in the way of instruction.) Hello painkillers and antibiotics in the arm, goodbye blood from the other arm. 

Oh, and it gets better! My first night there, something crazy happened with my heart called afibrillation, which I understand is Not Good. I woke up in the Cardio Ward, with more meds and more bloodsucking. (I won't go into my "Night of Rebellion" episode, where I was ultimately confined to
torture device with a 'she's out of bed' alarm.)

I've been home a week now, and am feeling much better, thank you. My heart seems to have responded well to the meds, fever normal, blood sugar normal, and 5 more pounds have been lost since last post. And still not drinking.

Nothing tastes good and I feel like crap.


zippiknits said...

Damn! That is a scary old ride to have been on!!! Are you glad to be out of the "amusement park"? I know I am.

Glad you are better. Congrats on all the health improvements that you've been having. Weight loss is a biggy for helping diabetes. Good for you!

Boo to having to spend time in the ER and Hospital with a BIG problem. Ugh!

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, no!! What an utter nightmare! I am glad that you're on the mend, but be careful with yourself - that's not a good experience at all!!

Anonymous said...

No wait; I want to hear more about the fish hook earring!
Seriously, glad you stayed in the land of the living. It would have been tough to explain that to the rest of the crew if we'd lost you. Really.
Nancy NeverSwept

k said...

Thanks. That's always a nagging fear, that I'll swallow the wrong thing because it's such a habit - put it in your hand and toss it back.
Glad to hear you came back. Or never left.