Monday, December 17, 2012

with real Glycerin Vibrafoam!

It's easy to understand why older civilizations worshipped the sun, especially those who live in the far north. "Will the sun stop it's journey this year or keep going west and leave us to die?" Winters must have been hard and miserable, hoping that there was enough food and fuel to last until spring.

I just have mild SAD, but I carefully watch the length of daylight and today, there will be 12 seconds less of it. Counting down to solstice.

Happy Festivus, everyone! And now, my favorite holiday song, Blue Christmas


k said...

I am doing my best to avoid the grizzly details of how little light we're getting. Combined with two weeks of nearly unpenetrable cloud cover (we're talking fifteen minutes every couple of days) I am ready to sleep ten hours at a crack. However, there are still papers to write and finals to study for. Gah.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Porky Pig's Blue Christmas every year, and it never grows stale. My all-time favorite!

And I decorated my tree yesterday; I like Christmas to be a shorter holiday. Much better that way!
Nancy NeverSwept

zippiknits said...

I don't know what I'd do without the sun out at least once a week. There was one September when I was working at the schools that it rained 24 straight days. It was pretty awful! I'm sorry Fuzzarelly that there is supposed to be a blizzard heading out across the states. Hugs!

Blue Christmas is so funny! Happy Festivus! And thanks for the HB wish, too. Thank you!