Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vermont's Original

 The most recent shawl being blocked. The pattern is from Traditional Lace Knitted Shawls by Martha Waterman. A very easy knit but it took me awhile to memorize the 12-row repeat. I spun the yarn from a shetland fleece I bought at the All-Missouri Spin-In in May. You can see some of the color variation in the border; I hand carded rolags for the spinning and couldn't see the variation well enough at the time. With what wool that was left, I drum carded four nice batts which should be enough for another shawl. If not, there are some shorter bits in a deeper brown. Working on socks now - it's been awhile and I seem to need something easy on the needles.

My friend Leslie found this cookie jar for me. Silly rabbit! 

I painted the kitchen, again, this time an aqua. The below photo shows the true color better. I like it and it makes me happy, as does this linen towel I found one of my antique/resale shop/flea market jaunts. It's handing from a rod beneath the shelf shown above.

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Bunnykins said...

My kitchen looks very much like the colour we painted ours. I got some vintage Vera teatowels - new ones made off the old butterfly pattern to go with. Love your vintage bits - and you fuzzy friend., and that shawl! Just wow!