Wednesday, November 27, 2013

One two three.

How to count sheep.

Photo that would't load yesterday, showing the purple I got from my last pokeberry dye session of the year. Maroon to purple! I was delighted, yes mystified. The berries were from later in the year, and they fermented longer, (three weeks,) in maybe a more acidic solution - but is that what shifted the color?

I asked Carol Leigh about it earlier this month, and she said her last batch this year did the same, and she could not explain it either. She said that pokeberry has a mind of its own.

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k said...

Less chlorophyl? (Just joking, sort of.)
I am impressed by your mad stripe matching skills on the sweater sleeves.
(I am thankful for spell check, right at this second. Usually not, but right now, yes.)