Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Accept no substitute

It's cold. 

Yes, I know it is January in Missouri and it should be cold, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. Yesterday, as I bundled up to go out, I wondered which I disliked more - bundling up for the cold or self-basting in the heat. Today should reach 38º. Yay! Above freezing. My studio has been too cold to work on 'Leslie,' and on Monday and Tuesday, I didn't feel well. Mostly just cuddled on the couch with sudoku puzzles. 

Going to Columbia today for therapy and an allergy shot. Also Goodwill, as I can always use more clothes that fit. My appetite has returned, and I worry that I will gain weight. Especially since I am being a slug here lately. At least I eat mostly good stuff, and Diet Coke is now back in my life. I once lived on cigarettes and Diet Coke. Healthy! 

I really am pleased with 'Leslie.' The piece is turning out just as I hoped. And planned. Looking at it makes me happy.


zippiknits said...

Safe travels to Columbia and back, and hope you find some great clothes.

"Leslie" is looking good. That is one of the hardest quilts to make you know. But, it's a great winter project!

It's so cold here that I don't want to go to my sister's where it's even colder. brrr!

Knitting Linguist said...

Wow - I love the way that is looking. I can see why it makes you happy! Hope the trip to Columbia went well, and that you're managing to stay warm(er).