Sunday, May 31, 2015

A Life of Lemonade


I don’t like to fail, and who does? Sweetie poked gentle fun at my dismay last night, when the new technique for 3D scales/tree bark didn’t turn our right. He said, “Things come so easily for you and when they don’t turn out right your first time, you get upset. I have had to work hard all my life, and I never seem to get it right on my first try. It’s so easy for you.”

I told him that I only do things I’m good at. I mean, I still don’t and won’t drive a stick shift. But I am good at fiber, and I feel comfortable with wool and cotton and yarn and fabric. I don’t feel comfortable with clay or metal or glass. 

But I also try to think the steps through, and I study each step and if there is something I get stuck on, I do research. By the time I am ready to actually do the thing, yeah, it should work. My default is to expect success or near success on my first try, every time, because of the dry runs I've taken in my imagination, or mind's eye, or whatever one wants to call it. 

I have been seeing the 3D scales effect on different items on Pinterest, and I read a tutorial, (translated from Russian but with lots of pictures,) and I said, “Ok, got it.” And I did, pretty much. I felt confident that I could construct the face of a Green Man, or Tree Spirit. What went wrong were the eyes and then the type of wool may have played in, along with not enough felting, and maybe too much silk fabric. I will study on it today, and try again tonight.

And all is not lost, as I salvaged some good bits. 

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k said...

Whatever else, the colors are fantastic.

I don't get things right the first time. That's one thing I learned at school; keep trying. But I also work randomly, trying a technique and then using whatever results from the trial in something else. But that's me, the woman with no plan.