Thursday, May 21, 2015

Redeem only at your veterinarian.

So. I've had these scarves and magic markers since last fall. My first attempt to paint a scarf was less than stellar, but I saw something somewhere that made me try again. Behold. I liked it so much that I wore it to Columbia today.

The concept is simple, but my execution needs work. I drew small dots and circles on a silk scarf, this one was straight out of the bag, then used a q-tip to put a little drop of rubbing alcohol onto each dot. I used pink, red, and orange markers and some I did twice. Patience is the trick - the alcohol takes time. Also, it works best on top of paper towels, or an old dish towel. I now have a pink dot dish towel. I will try paper towels next.

The scarf is now ready to rock, and is washable, too. Last night, I washed a scarf and will iron it, then try this again with blue and green.

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