Monday, June 15, 2015

Call the confidential hot-line.

According to my doctor, I am doing well. My diabetic blood work, (I can never remember the name of the test,) is 6.0, and normal is between 6 and 7, and last  time, it was 6.4. If it continues to dip lower, he might take me off some of my meds. So that's all good.

Best thing was being able to smell something, coffee and patchouli, this morning. It has been two months or more since my face started hemorrhaging mucus due to the worst pollen outbreak Missouri has ever seen, and I have not been able to smell me or other people since. The sense was gone after an hour or so, but it was a sign that maybe soon I will know when to change the cat litter by smell and not sight.

I made felt balls last night. Because it is a way to use up the fuzz that I brush off the drum carder after  every color run and I can't seem to throw it away. And I saved some basket cane from the trash after my first basket class yesterday, (because, you know I don't have enough to do,) and the two paired into whimsy. I like the basket I am weaving. I like the four little pointed feeties it has. When done, it will be a bit over a foot high with small handles.

So, I am investigating selling on Etsy. Again. I tried and failed to sell my Bunny and the Beast back in the way-back, but I did sell a bunch of it on eBay. I need to learn to take decent pictures of my stuff with my ancient-by-today's-standards digital camera. I have a tripod, so that's a start. 

There is just so much to do, but I am not feeling overwhelmed (yet) and that is something. My health is improving (mostly) although it seems as though once one thing clears up, some other Hydra-head of Malady appears and needs to be reckoned with. Now, it's my allergies making me tired, and almost without warning, I need to find the couch and rest or nap. Today, it was a three hour afternoon nap. Then there is the fluid build-up in my ears that makes me unsteady when I change direction too quickly. Maybe if I can sell shit online, I'll be better able to work when I can and not when I have to.

Because what else am I going to do with all this stuff?


victoria smith said...

i love the fluffs on point. rawther seussical

k said...

I like them too. Where's your etsy shop? (I've been thinking about it too, but it might take discipline, and I'm not there yet.)

I know it's disgusting, but have you tried the nasal rinse thing? You don't need a netti pot, and you don't need fancy shit, but it helps.