Friday, August 07, 2015

Learn Lock Smithing at Home

I feel better today. Yesterday, my body ached as though I had been in a small car wreck. Small as in wreck, not as in a wreck in a small car. I slept most of the day. Today I feel well enough to actually clean house a bit, and be the Domestic Goddess.

I hate housework.

I did not stop at 20 of those cup carpets. I may stop at 35. They are so soothing and satisfying to make and done in 15-20 minutes. They need to be fulled yet, but I will do that all at one time. I could see making a baby blanket out of washable wool from these squares; that is the sole project included with the instruction booklet.

I will be teaching a baggie fabric dyeing class at the art center in two weeks, so one thing I did get done yesterday was a trial run. It has been years since I have used procion x dyes. I learned my technique from this book over 15 years ago, and it is still a good reference.

I seldom dyed solid colors. These seem more interesting.

In September, I will give a talk about natural dyes on wool, although I will have a little bit of hand-on experience, too. I'm looking forward to that one. Really.

Sorry not to be more interesting. Like I said last post, I feel pulled in too many different directions lately. I have to be thinking about my guild's sale in November. I've done it once, so that part of my nervousness is gone, but I will be putting in my felted hats and purses, and they're a new thing and will have to be juried and priced and I need to make new and better hang tags and I need to make more flowers because I will be teaching that next month and my ears won't quit ringing and my feet ache from the neuropathy and I need to prepare for the board meeting next week and we need more board members and I need to warp the rigid heddle loom for a Community Weave project at our library and Autumn Fest is September 26 and some days it's all I can do to drag my sorry ass out of bed. 

That's what my head feels like. Too full and too scattered. It makes me tired.

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