Wednesday, August 12, 2015

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A new experience today; I almost passed out from low blood sugar. Usually, it's high blood sugar that is the problem, since I have type II diabetes, which is well-controlled with metformin. I mean, my last blood work numbers were spot on.

But today, I was outside lopping a few pesky branches from the osage orange trees, when suddenly my vision became jumbled and I felt sick and weak. I've never had my eyes do anything like this before - not blurry at all, but I was unable to focus on anything. It wasn't hot enough for it to be heat related. I came inside and ate something. I had eaten some fig newtons already. I still didn't realize what was going on, so I carried on and cooked some burgers for Sweetie's lunch, but then I had to lay down.

It was Sweetie who recognized what was going on. I ate my lunch and checked my glucose level, which was 101. Very low for just having eaten. An hour later, it was 120.

So what I think caused this was eating an entire little carton of ice cream over a 2 day period, then having pizza last night. My blood sugar must have been really high then for some reason, it plummeted. No more guilty comfort foods for me, no matter how much I want them. This was truly scary.

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Anonymous said...

Truly scary is what it takes sometimes; in the wake of my broken leg in November and then total immobility while I waited for back surgery, combined with an out-of-control diet and comfort drinking, I too developed diabetes; scared the snot out of me. After I got over hoping to just die in the wake of the surgery and started to walk again, I dropped 20 pounds very quickly and my blood work returned to normal; that was all it took. I am now faithful at the pool 5-6 days a week, and walk at least half an hour at least 5X a week; "Scared Straight" does not just apply to drugs and alcohol!