Sunday, September 20, 2015

Passed out from life.

I found this great table last weekend! Finally a place to mount my vises. And keep my drum carder. And all my little felt bits. Also, cat.

So somewhere in transit, I lost the gray and red hat shown previously. So I made another, better one that looks just like it. But better.

I have been making felt rope things. These fellas are bookmarks. 

And these are future spikes for a cat cave. I once said I would never make a cat cave, but well, these are the perfect decoration. I'm not sure what the green bean-like things will be.

The spikes are lengths of roving with wool yarn wrapped around before felting. I like the technique.

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k said...

Ooh, tell me about Lascaux Revisited!

I have decided to stay away from Facebook till I'm sane again, which might be never. (News is getting to me.) But that means I'm not seeing Bloom County every day. A sad thing, it is.