Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ask your doctor if condition persists.

I am finally well! It took actually going to see my care provider and getting some kick ass meds. Even with that, it took 2 more weeks to get shet of the acute bronchitis. So now, I have some energy and oomph. Sweetie was much sicker that I was, and he has still not quite recovered, but at least I am not so worried about him.

The solstice-flavored holidays have passed, and the daylight is increasing a minute or so every day. We got a little snow and the temperature has dipped into the single digits. (Die, bugs! Die!)

I haven't been too awfully creative, but I have been spinning and knitting hats. These are all mostly handspun, but the black and grey is store bought wool. These will be for the Guild sale in November. And I have made even more on the knitting loom in acrylic, for the No Cold Ears Project. The goal for us it to make 100, and we have 40 so far.

Today I got out the Dremel and an antler and tried to make buttons. I heard that it would smell, and it did. It reeked of burning hair. So I got one disc cut and sanded, but then couldn't find a small enough drill bit. There is a garage full of tools, and I couldn't find a 3/16". Such is life.

Now that I feel better, my darkness seems to have eased.

I am seeking speaking engagements to tout the Arts Council, and also trying to rustle up some new board members. Next week is the Kiwanis lunch, and next month, it's the Extension Office's Annual Meeting. Who knew? Who fuckin' knew that I would 1) be able to and B, feel confident enough to do this? But I can and I am because it is something I feel strongly about. But the other thing about speaking in public is that so many people are so bad at it! I mean, not just bad but gawd awful bad. I have heard them and I have felt their agony and I have wished to be anywhere else than in the same room with them. I can do better than that, I know for a fact. (Although when I was in school, it terrified me to stand and read to the class. Literally, my knees would shake and my throat would seize up and I couldn't wait to be done and sit down.) My anxiety level about public speaking now is just barely above nil.

I was also asked to be a board member of the Chamber of Commerce. (If you want to know what the devil is doing, you have to go to where the devil plays. That's my motto.)

Who knew? Ya know, who knew this would be me and my life right now? Certainly not me.

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