Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Active Ingredients

I meant to post this last week, but, you know, life.

Weird dreams!

Last night, I was Richard Feynmann’s lover! I ran away from my (first) husband on a train to be with him. He was very odd yet exciting, and I was sorry to wake up.

Night before last, though, I was back with the neglected rabbits. Their teeth had overgrown and some were cross-eyed. My therapist said that these sorts of dreams were about me neglecting my own self, and I can see that, but they must also represent anxiety.

Also that night, I dreamt I was in the big house in the country that I lived in as a kid. Lots of rebuilding and renovation going on. I often have this sort of dream, but it is usually about the house and/or barn in southern Indiana so I am not sure why this latest dream moved back in time. 

In dreams, houses generally represent one's body, so make of that what you will.  

So. Life. Went to a state conference of Missouri Art Councils on Monday. It was all fine, and lunch was ok. Finally had a fish taco. Ick. Not as bad as I feared but why do these things exist? The mid-afternoon speaker was a woman who spoke about fund-raising. At least that is what was in the program notes. What she actually talked about was how to get old rich people to give you money. Get to know them, she said. Walk their dog, she said. Buy them lunch, she said. Then, after a year or so, ask them for that half a million dollars and make them sign a pledge, she said. Get it in writing, she said. 

I said fuck this and left. It was horrible. 

I designed and knit this.

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