Friday, December 15, 2006


I love Laurie's blog, Crazy Aunt Purl. She is funny, clever, voluable, vulnerable and she puts all of it on virtual paper with skill. Makes me not want to compete.

So. You may have noticed that I haven't blogged much lately. Cecelia has left me - I'm hoping for only a short while.

But I am feeling great! I haven't felt so good physically or mentally in ages (thank you, St. Pharmacutica) and I have been catching up on a number of things. Sold and moved out the huge ass loom that has dominated my studio for over three years. Had some art framed. I've been cooking! You know, all those normal type things that have been beyond my abilities for so long. I am having creative-type art ideas.

Valerie suggested a PHOTO of the cravat pattern. What a good idea! I am so retarded. By the way, you may print and use the pattern - just don't say that you wrote it, okay?

Neither of these fun fur (remember that stuff??) cravats are exactly like the pattern, but should give you a general idea of what it looks like.


nancy neverswept said...

And here's another concept- a new identity and password which we hope will work! This is only a test.

nancy neverswept said...

Woo hoo!