Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Possessions are a burden. Stupid possessions. It is so easy to accumulate stuff. I have way too much stuff and I'm tired of caring for it, mending it, storing it, and looking at it. But it is hard to throw away or give away some things; I'm not quite ready to take that step yet.

So. I have taken all the extra decor, doodads, whatnots, and crap from the front living room that I can't quite throw away and I have put it in storage. Out of sight, out of mind and all that. I plan to buy some office storage boxes and label them neatly. Junk from west wall of front living room, December 2006. It's a plan anyway. Not having the boxes isn't stopping me.

I don't have a before picture, but here is the after. I like it! And I like not having to decide whether to throw away or give away all these "treasures."

Knitting content: I have almosy finished knitting these socks. They are in Fun and Stripes from Lana Grossa. I tried Elizabeth Zimmermann's afterthought heel. The heel is constructed just like a regular toe and she says it can easily be taken out and reknit if a hole happens. I like the way it looks. It's a little fiddley, removing the waste yarn and placing the live stitches on four needles. Size 1. But I hate the yarn over type heel decrease (which I somehow screw up every single time by losing stitches) and I am bored with the traditional-heel-flap-and-pick-up-along-the-sides method.

I also knit these mitts for a neighbor. The light color is an alpaca/wool blend and the purple is angora, spun into a lofty two ply. I used Joan's Wristers pattern, but of course I tweaked it. I put the thumb on mine and kept the entire hand in ribbing. I am waiting to finish the socks before I do another project. Although I do have a skein of Trekking XXL in green staring at me...


Valerie said...

I like your Spock pose on the wristers. Like the wristers too!

I've had one professional pedicure and hated it. But maybe you just mean painting your own toenails.

Thanks for posting the cravat piccies!

fuzzarelly said...

Valerie, I wondered if anyone would catch the Live Long and Prosper thing!

Can you see what Santa is doing to the sheep?

WoolyWorm said...

Fuzzarelly, you're a sick puppy! Bad Santa!

Actually, I just stopped by to let you know that every time Barb J. gets your lovely Fuzzarelly blend roving out to spin, everyone drools all over it. She's had to tell half a dozen people where she got it.

I thought you'd want to know your talents are appreciated far and wide.