Monday, January 29, 2007


Our water pipes froze last night. One of the crawl space doors had blown off and the cold wind had blown in. Fortunately, I was able to scrounge enough water (and not from the toilet or anything gross like that - well, it was various water bottles sitting around and a little bit of jugged bunny water) to make coffee.

Once I had been caffeinated, I saw to the bunnies. This was the coldest weather of the season and indeed, their little water dishes were more like ice dishes. I'm so glad that I decided to bring that half filled jug of bunny water inside last night. By the time I had used that up, the water was flowing in the house again. Thank you Sweetie!!!

I gave each lapin extra hay, and then some more to the few that aren't in full coat. They are protected from the wind and are doing fine.

Then there is Heizen, the big white and brown Rex that moved out of our house last summer. He lived and was fed under the wood shed until, oh, maybe a couple of months ago, when he inexplicably began to live under the apartments next door. I still fed him and worried over him, like a kid gone to college or something.

This afternoon I saw him in the empty field on the other side of our house. Just sitting there, in the open. WTF? I walked over to him - no, I ran! It was cold! - assuming he would move. But he just sat there and I really got worried. Is he hurt? Is he frozen? Is he even alive? He let me pick him up (which he has never enjoyed) and I inspected him. Looked fine to me - no wounds, no frozen bits - and I brought him inside. He's eaten and drank and hopped around so I'm hoping it was much ado about nothing. Maybe he wanted to come inside, and so inside he shall stay until mommy deems otherwise.

I do love my bunnies. Even the prodigal one.

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