Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I found this link on Franklin's blog. (Oooh, what a lot of html I just did! Ain't I the shit?)

She describes depression quite nicely and is such a better writer than me. Well, you know, she desires to be a writer, after all, so I certainly hope she is a better writer than me. I can probably flat pattern better than her. So there. (My self esteem is just fine - today.) Go ahead and spend a half hour reading her blog. And bookmark her. Send her comments to keep her writing.

So here is my admission of selfishness. After little Holly got strangled, I purposely bred six bunnies in order for me to have some babies, dammit! To be born, of course, just when the temperatures decide to plummet. Dammit!

Precious had her litter first. Born yesterday - January 30. Being an amateur, she didn't nest, but had them on the wire, as it were, and I was fortunate to have found them in time. The eight small kits could be clones - they are all dark skinned with a whitish blaze on their foreheads. I brought them inside with mom, (what's nine more bunnies in the house, after all?) made them a nest, and all is okay so far.

The lineage: Fuzzarelly (agouti) begat Spot. Spot (English broken) begat Shemp. Shemp (black) begat Precious. And Precious (German white) begat this litter with Percival's help.

Tonight, Kelly Bob (German white, daughter of Yoshimi) delivered several white babies, with Fuzzy Bob's help. (He is brother to Fuzzarelly, and also agouti.) One was cold on discovery, so I warmed him and then placed him with Precious' litter. Kelly Bob has proved to be an excellent mother, so I am letting her stay in the barn with her kits for the time being.

Babies, babies, babies! I'm delighted!

Knitting wise, I unraveled several rounds of the shawl in order to make the pattern more suitable for me. Here it is just before the great unknitting. I am pleased with the yarn and the pattern, actually. Spent tonight recharting part of the old and my new pattern, which was actually fun! Yes, I am a knitting nerd.


Valerie said...

Yay, bunny babies! They can cheer even one's winter soul, I think....

nancyneverswept said...

All by myself, would you believe it, I just added the Knittiot to my favorites, so she's only a click away. And now I too can say "Ain't I the shits!" Thanks!

shansays said...

Mmm, I love Franklin. If you haven't been tuning into Cast On (podcast). Check it out, sometimes he guest host or does essays. The shawl is lovely, I am slowly (so slowly) getting a new shawl started.