Monday, February 05, 2007


I'm so glad I don't have a life. There are seventeen bunnies inside my house as I type this. Plus two cats and a dog. Heizen loves being inside.

This morning I brought in Harry from the barn, one of the "little guy" rescues. He's an eight-year-old Netherland dwarf whose child owners had grown exceedingly tired of caring for. Even though he is 8, an old age for a rabbit, he is still full of testosterone and will fight any available male. As will Percival, who runs free in the barn. He bit Harry's nose very badly through the cage wire sometime last night. Bad as in there is not much nose left. Harry was in shock, I believe, when I found him - crouching, twitching and bleeding.

Good news is that he's doing much better this afternoon. I cleansed the wound and applied anti-robotic. And held and loved on him. He's swallowed some water and ate a little mashed banana. He's moving around and twitching less. I wasn't sure this morning, but now I think he will survive.

A little while ago, I brought in Kelly Bob and her five babies. I noticed this morning that the kits were not toasty warm (it has been so freaking cold here!) and decided that if they were still chilly this afternoon, they were coming inside. Even if it hadn't been so freaking cold!, I most likely would have brought them in soon, in order to socialize them to people. I also replaced with her the baby that I had brought inside soon after birth. The chilled one that I had placed with Precious. He's such a pig! A blimp! Drinking so much of her milk that some of the runts need extra nipple time.


I am knitting away on the new shawl, between bunny duties. I have totally rewritten the original directions, replacing the original un-intuative graph with more understandable (to me) symbols. As in, making the graph actually resemble the finished piece. If one is a blind follower, the original directions would pose no problem. I, however, like some sort of realistic depiction of what I am working on. For example, maintaining the center stitch, relative to the previous and following rows. Such a small thing. Rather slow going, as I am graphing as I go - but progress is being made.

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