Thursday, March 01, 2007

Marching Onward - Ha Ha!

Okay. I am pretty much over the ordeal of turning fifty. Especially since the Barefoot Spinners actually sang Happy Birthday - out loud - to me - and then offered up gifties. Thank you Betty, Sandy, Linda, Carol, Jerri and Nancy.

I can't really bemoan that my life hasn't been exciting or uninteresting. I have done a a number of unusual things. I have refrained from doing other unusual things but I also admit to many of the common things.

But much time has also been spent waiting - either actively or by marking time in my head only. Waiting for a phone call. Waiting for HIM to call. Waiting for the next paycheck. Waiting for warmer weather. Waiting for cooler weather. Waiting for the job to be finished. Waiting for next year. Waiting for Godot. There are times that I fantasize about being a spy, the kind that tails other people. Sitting in a car and waiting for the subject to act. I enjoy waiting. I enjoy watching.

So, Nancy gifted me with a turkish-style spindle that I am so tickled with! The thing is wood, about twelve inches long with light weight "arms" at the bottom. Looks like a miniature anchor. Played with it a bit and I can see this spindle as one to be propelled by the foot. It comes apart into three pieces so it stores easily, Interesting! I love it!

Unrelated next paragraph.

I have decided that if I have had previous lives, at least one of them was spent breaking rocks and keeping the fire going with Helena Handbasket. Hi! And I am sure that a thousand of those lives were spent manipulating fiber. In some way or t'other.

Non-Paid Endorsement.

I love NetFlix. If I could, I would want to have their baby. I live thirty minutes from the nearest video/dvd store. No shit. Conversely, my mailbox is forty feet away. For a mere $15 a month, I can have two dvds at a time from NetFlix. I usually have one in hand and one on the way. Such a deal! Shipping both ways is speedy, with return shipping prepaid in its own envelope. What's not to love? Just queued up a ton of slightly old TV shows. X Files, Six Feet Under, Millennium. (What do these choices say about me?) (Gloomy and depressed.) TON, they have Boston Legal, too!

Obligatory bunny content: All of the babies are doing well. The fourteen are in a corral in my living room along with Precious, who is the mother to the eight black ones. She has stopped nursing but I don't have a place for her in the barn just now. Need the help of Sweetie for the heavy-lifting-of-cages thing. (Looks like he will be off Saturday!) The only other bunnies in the house now are Murgie and Heizen - so that only makes seventeen in the house at the moment. Not bad.


nancyneverswept said...

Alright, that's it! I'm just going to exercise the charge card and sign up at NetFlicks THIS WEEKEND without fail! And if my sweetie despairs over most of them being chick flicks, he can just rally 'round and help choose! And I'm glad you like the Turkish!

shansays said...

Hah, I wait around a lot, too. It was so great when I started knitting, because at least then I look like I am doing something. Prior to that, I always carried a book around.

I have a turkish spindle. I like that it makes a center pull ball:)

As for net flicks. Rent "Coupling". It's a british tv series (it's not dark) but fun none the less. I have been a net flicks junky forever. Just switched to Blockbuster, because Net Flicks is slow here, and we have a BB right down the road, so I can watch three and trade them in while waiting for new ones to come in the mail.

When I was in NY last winter without DH I did lots of tv shows. I love it. I could sit in bed on a Saturday, and knit and watch hours of crap! Fabulous. Big Hug, and Happy Birthday.

Valerie said...

When was your birthday? Did I miss saying Happy Birthday? I've been so confused lately. If so, I'm sorry!

I agree with you on Netflix!