Thursday, March 08, 2007


Haven't been able to string two sentences lately. My fingers hover over the keyboard but there's no itch. I don't even begin. Most of my mentally written blog entries have to do with the coming of spring, the big, blue sky, the interesting gently rolling hills around me, and, yes, bunnies.

All of a sudden last week, my sense of smell returned as did my over all energy level. (Eww! What's that smell? Maybe it's time to clean.) My mood has ratcheted up several notches. The Enthusiastimine appears to have kicked in again after a hiatus of four weeks. I could have been taking sugar pills for all the good it was doing me. I feel better and so I've been working - dyeing and drumcarding angora for Fuzzarelly Fibers. There are puffs of angora absolutely everywhere in the kitchen and front living room, where I do my stuff. Sweetie goes to work decorated in a different color fuzz every day. Little Chick Yellow is the color du jour, and there is a mossy green in the dyepot. I still need some dark orange and brick and more purple. I'm making lists to prepare for my first fiber festival this year. Which is in five weeks. Hello. I'd better be getting my ass in gear.

The weather has been mostly above freezing so watering the barn buns is easier. No toting buckets of hot water to thaw out their water bottles. I have been able to clip several of them. Wool output on some animals is way down from last time. What up? Maybe the cold spell affected them more than I thought.

The babies are five weeks old! I'm hoping that by being in the house since birth, they will be socialized and friendly grown-ups. Now, they are a digestive system encased in irresistible cuteness.

Buster is so funny. He is the babies' self-appointed guard dog.

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nancyneverswept said...

Bunny pix are cute, but I vote for MORE BUSTER!
Glad to hear you're feeling better!