Sunday, April 08, 2007

Cranking away at the drumcarder. I like so much this part of the fiber preparation. The part where you have bags of colored fiber and it is up to you to create the next blend. Instead of my plans to have two pounds of each colorway, it looks like there will be five ounce offerings instead. That amount is just enough that I don't feel like a factory.

Acquired a nasty cold from somewhere (where?) and yesterday was the worst. So much mucous. Slept many hours. Today, I feel better.

I am still able to process some fiber. It is so cool how five different shades of purple and pink can coalesce into fibery goodness. This shows the merino, silk, and angora blend.

In an attempt to use what I have on hand, these are socks being made from five or six different leftover sock yarns. They will be fraternal twins.

And here is Ginger - just because she is so cute.

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Helena Handbasket said...

I am so glad that you have little Ginger to love. What a baby doll bunny!