Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm a knit dweeb

Aw Shucks. Your flattery will get you nowhere - nowhere, I say! The latest shawl was merely a baby step on my way to knitted shawl stardom. Really. After Greencastle and after painting the front living room - I have paint and supplies at the ready. Since mid-February even.

Also, Franklin has been knitting lace, too (copycat) and he shows a yarn-over (eyelet) alphabet. It might be interesting to knit some message... or a labyrinth. Then there's crop circles. Lightening bolts. The sun. Flowers. Elvis.

I'm seeing lots of lace knitting lately and that's great. However, what I am seeing is designers looking to the past for inspiration. I want to see some designs from a forward looking designer person. Is there anything like that floating around the internet?

Oh, and we had hail this past week! What a racket, especially in a metal-roofed house.
Interesting weather, I say.


nancyneverswept said...

Good quote today, too! Very existential. Now back to that shawl's first public outing... is it coming to see us the 21st?


Unless I sell it at Greencastle, I will bring it to Martha's.

nancyneverswept said...

I hope it's got a REALLY high price on it; and though I'd love to see it, I hope you sell it for that exhorbitant sum!


I'm thinking $500.